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The Importance of Social Media Post Google Panda / Penguin Updates

Google Controls it All

Lately the big bad “Skynet” known as Google has released updates of its Farmer or Panda Algorithm as well as the newly inserted



Penguin update.  This has presented issues for many IM’s around the world and most importantly for various client sites which do not meet the criteria Google has now issued to rank well in organic searches.  This is perplexing to say the least since many sites have healthy link profiles and present no “black hat” signals to really speak of and yet they have lost ground in the SERPS.

Think About it

So even though many websites were using organic link building methods and steered away from bad neighborhoods and other frowned upon methods they still lost spots, well there was a big reason for this. It is no longer enough to simply build links to your site; no matter how “natural” they really are or seem to search engines.  The latest updates do not just check you link profiles and on site set up but are also looking for social signals; these social signals do not just need to come from your website but they also need to be displayed in your links as well. That’s right, your links just like your site need to have social proof for Google to really make them count and squeeze all the link juice out. Think about it, if you have a link coming from a forum or something spammy nobody is going to tweet it or share it on Facebook BUT if the link and story are located in a high ranking authority site like an online news page people will likely share it within their social circles and that’s precisely what Google wants.

Some Proof

I had one website owner contact me and ask me to help fix his website since it wasn’t ranking in the first page for any of its keywords anymore.  I first checked if the website had a penalty which it didn’t, I then check the major links to the website and found that their social proof was lacking.  I applied a brief social media campaign to the site as well as some of the links in the website profile and BAM! 2 weeks later his SERP results were making a comeback.

Easier Than You Thought

While many marketing guys are scratching their heads on what to do about these latest updates the solution is actually staring right at them, about 7 hours per month worth of solution actually.  Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and several other social mediums are what Google is looking for in order to rank a website high in SERP’s. The era of social proof is here and we need to take advantage of it as much as possible instead of thinking on how to “game” search engines at every corner.

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