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Sunday Internet Marketing: Google Penalizes Blog Networks

There have been plenty of theories and conspiracy ideas being tossed around lately with this newest move by big G.  I’ve spoken to some people in the business, posted on some threads in the forums and read what a lot of other pros have been posting; so I’ve finally come to a conclusion. Before I actually state what I think the problem is and what the likely solution should be in my opinion let’s review what has been going on lately.

A lot of people’s keyword rankings have dramatically dropped.  Imagine waking up one day and checking your hard earned SERPS when they are nowhere to be found, people stated having paged 1 position 1 rankings gone to page 6.  Some said they had worse rankings now then when they had originally started to link build.

Apparently there were a number of factors associated with all this; the first one was certain link networks being de-indexed. If you are in the online marketing business you know what I’m talking about, ALN reported almost 50% of their network having been lost and other networks had similar figures.  We’ve all used ALN and similar products and if you do SEO work for clients then they probably noticed their rankings disappearing (eh maybe 50% of them would) so this was a big hit for some people.  Another issue was Google rolling out and update which attacked sites that were “overly optimized?” Well this is the info I got from a couple of sources but I wouldn’t put too much weight into it.  As far as I’m concerned how could Google devaluate a website for being “too well put together “ , the idea sounds a little idiotic and to be honest none of my very well optimized websites or clients sites have had any issues with this.  If indeed big G had issued something like this I suspect it would affect thin sites with Huge bold H tags for example but most importantly they would have to be relatively new.  Websites are continuously growing and should be optimizing in time, a brand new site with 100k links indexed and with a perfect structure and tons of affiliate links is not natural, if this is the case I wouldn’t put it past Google to take these types of websites down.

As far as the de-indexing issue goes, well that is a bit more complex.  We were using these networks to help us rank and they did a great job BUT it should never have been the only type on link building we used.  Google is always coming up with ways to  derail the latest trick to have better SERPS, so your link profile should always be a very varied one. Personally I did not have any of my sites or client sites take any hits from this, except one but there was a bit of a twist in this situation.  I most certainly used ALN with them for competitive keywords, however all their SERP spots were heading south.  I kept asking myself why this was going  on, none of the other sites had taken a hit like this, this website was aged and had seals and certifications.  This client is a legit company providing tangible services to customers from around the world.  So finally I realized what was going on with them, the owner of the site had understood in one of our many meetings that more links CAN mean better SERPS however he had not understood that now its more of a matter of good quality link building.  He actually hired and Indian SEO Company to work on some keywords without actually letting me know, they had promised ranking for 30 keywords at a price of $120.00 US!

When the client informed me they had been working on this for a month and a half I decided to look at the total links indexed and BAM 20,000 links in the last 30 days from which all of them were forums profiles and cheap blog comment spam.

So that  is the reason for their recent fall in SERPS however many other internet marketers experienced this due to the overuse of public networks, right PUBLIC.  I use my own private one to maintain competitive terms up there so this helps me out a bit; this should be the goal of anyone in the internet marketing game.  Have your own private, white hat network of sites as a base and then continue to link build through other means.  It is not an easy thing to do but when you have a private network which you alone control it gives you leverage whenever Google decides to either change its algorithm or manually de index websites.

Now if you excuse me I have to go fix up the mess a cheap seo company with an xrummer license made.

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