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Internet Marketing and SEO in Different Languages

Many times I have come across clients who need internet marketing services in their native language or in a certain language they

World Searches

World Searches

need to pinpoint because that is where their clients await.  Likewise I have come across hundreds of posts in the IM forums where someone asks “can I target keywords in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic (insert language here)” with your service? And the answer is usually a resounding no.

I believe that Internet Marketers are closing a lot of doors to a lot of potential clients with this way of thinking, sure it is always better to develop a platform which you know well in this case providing a good service in English with English websites and English link building services. Personally I have found that I get clients due to my use of multiple languages, I speak English Spanish Portuguese and French so this allows me to create platforms where I can supply these clients with access to the required markets.

Maybe some marketers are busy, lazy or they make enough with the clients that they have, I on the other hand always enjoy a challenge and if making networks, buying websites and creating content in 50 different languages is going to provide assistance for someone and of course leaves a healthy profit in my bank account then I think it’s a win, win situation.

Since my Internet Marketing and social media company is based in Lima Peru I have been working with clients from the USA, Mexico, Brazil (Portuguese needed), and Peru, Argentina (different Spanish altogether), Colombia and a few others. Most in English but a few want local traffic via organic or paid so really I t pays off to keep an open mind and give some focus to new potentially beneficial platforms to work with.

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