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Inside Scoop on Post Google Panda Update Part 1

It has been several months post the Panda update, nicknamed
panda after one of Google’s programmers. Several Internet Marketers are still
to figure out what were the total effects on SERPS after Google’s newest and
some might say toughest algorithm update.

From my perspective not a whole lot has drastically changed,
but then again I have always been led by a golden rule “variety is the essence
of life” in this case a varied link portfolio might have just been what saved
my sites and my clients site from disappearing from SERPS.

A big change which might have been the one that packed the
strongest punch, in boxing terms I would say it was an upper cut to the chin
for the many in the IM world.  I am of
course talking about the forum profile link, a low quality link which had a big
effect in Google ranking for a very long time. This link was like a godsend
since it was cheap and had a big impact, in reaction to this many link
strategies not just used it as a base but some used it exclusively.  Post panda this link has become all but
obsolete, some still use it as a 2nd or even 3rd tier link,
“backlinking you links” strategy.

Another big part of the Panda update was what it did to
article sites and article networks.  From
personal experience I think networks such as BMR (build my rank) lost a lot of
credibility in the eyes on google after the Panda update, because seriously;
how difficult would it be for google to find and isolate networks of 200 post
blogs? Not very, google has dozens on programmers working specifically to find
these disruptions in their search system.  The posts on these networks were too short and
if you were in of the grandfathers In this network you were allowed to post as
many times as you wanted to, making them look too spammy.

Some of these networks have however taken a few measures to
fix their google rep and seem to be working for people again, not to the extent
they did before though. I think it also all comes down to competition and what
your niche is, I believe some niches need to have more authority site links
than others and any Internet should take that into consideration before signing
a new client of making a proposal.

For now I feel like the backbone of any backlinking campaign
are contextual homepage backlinks. Now it is no secret that homepage links have
always been the most powerful ones, having your link on somebody else homepage
bring a lot of link juice, especially if the homepage has a high PR.  What we have now are more available homepage
blog networks which allow you to post an article with a hyperlink to your site.
These networks have not just become more common but have also become
affordable.  A good network will have
sites on different IP addresses with varied PR, network sizes vary from 10 to
over 200 websites.

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