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Link Building Campaigns

Inbound Linking (one-way links) is what feeds your search engine results such as Google . This is your website linking to another website, you now have a greater online presence because you are now mentioned twice according to search engines. There are various types of links and each one is relevant in its own way.

Some inbound one way links are strategically placed for your clients to find and click on in order to transfer them to your website as a “referral visit”;  this is when having your links in niche relevant high ranking websites comes into play. These types of links are important for search engines as well since they will usually be in high traffic websites or “authority sites”.
Sound simple? well the trick is to know which types of links Google or any other Search Engine is giving preferrence to on any given day. High quality reference links  have great weight in the internet marketing world today. —
The variety of inbound links is very broad just like a conventional advertiser will have different channels in order to get you interested in their products.  Blogging, Article writing, Press releases, Online Directories and several other types of links are what SE’s look for and the more varied your link portfolio (link variety and Page Rank variety) is the better your organic search results will ultimately be.
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